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Your Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Specializing in WordPress websites, Blog2Social offers you a time-saving and smart solution for your social media automation. Schedule and post your content – blog posts, images, videos, and links from any source – at the best time on over 20 social media networks. Experience the efficiency and flexibility of Blog2Social as a WordPress social media plugin or browser-based web app and revolutionize your social media management.

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Blog2Social - Smart social media automation for WordPress

Share posts on 20+ social media platforms directly through WordPress

More time for essentials with Blog2Social

If your social media management is eating up too many valuable hours and nerves, then save time and energy with Blog2Social! Bring all your networks together in one place and


your workflow


your social media posts


your schedule

A variety of features makes all the difference

Social Media Management mit Blog2Social

Social media management

A flexible social media tool for your needs

Easily share all your social media posts directly from your website or blog on Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & Co. From crossposting to scheduling posts in advance—Blog2Social simplifies your social media management directly from WordPress.

Social media automation

Increase efficiency: automate your social media management

Automatically publish new content from your WordPress website to your social media channels. Share your evergreen content at regular intervals with automation. Set it once, save time always—with Blog2Social’s social media automation.

Social Media Automation
Content Planning

Content planning

Optimize and centralize your social media planning

Save yourself the effort of posting your content individually for each network. Manage your entire social media planning for all networks from one single place directly from your WordPress dashboard, or use our browser-independent WebApp.

Video posting

Easily share your videos across all networks

Share classic landscape videos or publish Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Stories with just a few clicks on your social media networks. Schedule your videos for the best posting times or publish them instantly—all at once, all from one place.

Video posting with Blog2Social automation
Team management

Team management

Effortless team management for agencies and social media teams

Keep track of various users and teams sharing licenses and social media channels. Easily and quickly assign permissions for individual profiles, groups, and pages. This allows you to maintain full control and ensures smooth collaboration.

What users say about Blog2Social

“That’s the type of set-and-forget automation you want with social media, leaving you more time to engage with people who comment on your social content.”

David Hartshorne,

“This plugin has made my life easier, at least as far as social media is concerned. Not only it is easy to use plugin for your WordPress, but it also allows you to simplify, automate and speed-up the process in promoting your blog.”

Maurice Willie,

“Blog2Social can automatically share your posts to the networks you specify, using your desired settings. This cuts the time you spend just getting the word out about your content down to almost zero.”


Your powerful social media management tool for WordPress

Blog2Social is an innovative social media management tool for businesses, agencies, bloggers, and solopreneurs. Effortlessly schedule, create, and share your posts automatically across the most important social networks.

Discover our efficient social media tool and save yourself valuable time.

Free yourself from time-consuming routine tasks and focus on the most essential part of social media marketing: creating relevant content for your audience!

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