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More reach in less time with Blog2Social

Save time and boost your social media presence with Blog2Social! This clever tool for social media automation handles content sharing across multiple platforms, amplifying your reach. Simplify your efforts with the social media WordPress plugin or the WebApp.

Social media automation by Blog2Social

Post automatically – save time automatically

Post automatically on social media with minimal effort with Blog2Social

Simplify your workflow

Manage all your social networks from one single place

Share posts automatically

Post new content automatically with just a few clicks

More time for creative work

Put the time saved into creative or strategic work

Blog2Social: Your all-in-one solution for social media success

Auto-poster for social media automation


Share new content on social media automatically

With Blog2Social autoposting, effortlessly distribute fresh content from your website across social media platforms. Decide whether to share these posts instantly or at the optimal time. Additionally, you can use autoposting to share content imported from RSS feeds on your website to social media.

Streamline your social media marketing with Blog2Social autoposting.


Reshare evergreen content

Take advantage of the reposting feature to effortlessly share your website content multiple times as social media posts. Customize the frequency, weekdays, and times for your posts, ensuring consistent sharing in your feeds – all without additional effort.

Easily repost your evergreen content across your social media channels.

Resharer for your social media automation
Optimal time planning with the Best Time Manager

Best Time Manager

Ideal timing through automated scheduling

Utilize the Best Time Manager to schedule your social media posts at the most effective times for each platform. Get automatic suggestions for optimal posting times or save your customized settings for future use.

Share content effortlessly, even while you’re asleep, with Blog2Social’s social media automation.

Post templates

Create perfect social media posts automatically

Create a consistent look for your social media posts with the use of post templates. Customize the appearance of your individual templates by choosing from various settings, such as emojis, hashtags, or unique CTAs. Add elements that you want to include in your posts.

Create once, save time always.

Blog2Social post templates for your social media automation
Be found more easily with hashtags

Hashtags & keywords

More visibility through hashtags

Blog2Social takes care of inserting important keywords as hashtags into your social media posts automatically. You can also customize hashtags for each network, ensuring your content is tailored to each platform. This way, you make sure your audience can easily find and engage with your posts.

Automated sharing on more than 20 social media networks

Free up your schedule: Automate your social media posts now

Social media management

Share text, images, videos, and more at the perfect time.

Content planning

Stay on top of your content and plan ahead effectively.

Team management

Centralized management of all your scheduled posts, users, roles, and permissions.

Video posting

Schedule your videos in advance and publish them automatically

Don’t take our word for it

Blog2Social is one of the most comprehensive auto-posting solutions for WordPress. Not only does it enable you to share your content to most major social media platforms, it also lets you schedule posts for specific time windows.

John Hughes from

Blog2Social is a great plugin for WordPress websites as I can now directly share my posts on social media whenever I upload a blog post. The best part is that I can even customize images as per platforms. (…) I really like the auto-posting feature as I usually forget to share my posts on social media, but this does not happen with Blog2Social.

Deepika A. on

Blog2Social is a plugin for WordPress that gives us the provision to automatically share our blog posts on our social media profiles, pages, and groups, absolutely scheduled and fully customized for each and every network.

Mudita Jha from


Frequently asked questions about social media automation

Automate your social media posts today: Free up time for what truly matters.

Explore the power of streamlined social media automation with our WordPress plugin or standalone web app. Take it for a spin with a 30-day free trial – experience it firsthand.

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