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Join our affiliate program: Share the goodness and reap the rewards!

Share the love, because good things should be spread…
Spread your excitement about Blog2Social to your customers, partners, or users and earn attractive commissions.

Blog2Social Affiliate Program

Your advantages at a glance

15% per sale

Earn a 15% commission for every license purchased through your link.

5% recurring commission

You’ll get an extra 5% from us for every license renewal.

No minimum sales

Request your commission payout anytime – no minimum sales necessary.

How does the affiliate program work?

Quickly and easily sign up, and become an affiliate partner.

  1. Register or sign up with our provider, PayPro Global, to participate in our affiliate program for free. We will then approve your request for participation.
  2. To create your affiliate link, you need your Agreement ID. Simply click on “Networks” in the left menu bar of your PayPro Global dashboard to access your Agreement ID.
  3. Insert your Agreement ID in the affiliate link:
  4. Embed the link on your website, blog, newsletters, or share it in social media posts, and earn money with every purchase made by a customer through your link.
  5. Alternatively, you can position the link alongside a banner on your website. You can download a selection of banners here.
Your Blog2Social Affiliate Agreement ID
Affiliate marketing - 6 tips for your success


Affiliate marketing: 6 tips for your success

1. Incorporate a Blog2Social banner onto your website.
2. Embed the link within your blog, on landing pages, or within specific blog posts.
3. Showcase Blog2Social in your newsletter, highlighting to your readers why they shouldn’t miss out on this valuable tool.
4. Offer your community a glimpse into your daily use of Blog2Social and its successes through a social media campaign.
5. Craft a video introducing your community to your favorite features.
6. Place your Agreement ID in the root directory of your plugin installation to earn commissions when users make purchases through the plugin. Learn more about how it works.

Grab your commission

Make money while you attend to other priorities: We offer commissions on every license sold and renewed! Tailor your preferred currency and select your payment interval for maximum flexibility with minimal effort.

  1. Navigate to the “Withdraw funds” section in the left menu of your PayPro Global dashboard.
  2. Next, click on “Add Account” and provide your account details for the payout.
Blog2Social Affiliate Program: How to set up your payout
  1. Navigate to the “Schedule” tab, then click on “Add new fund”.
  2. Choose your preferred currency for the payout and decide whether you want it in full or as a percentage. Lastly, set the interval for your payouts.
Blog2Social Affiliate Program: How to set up the payout

Share the goodness: Spread the word about Blog2Social and start earning money

Become part of our affiliate program, share your excitement about Blog2Social with fellow users, and effortlessly earn money on the side.

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