Content planning

Stay on track with Blog2Social’s content planner

Streamline your content planning for all your social media channels with the Blog2Social WordPress plugin or web app. Keep track of your editorial calendar for days, weeks, or months ahead. Whether it’s a link, image, video, text, or carousel – organize all your posts for your networks with just a few clicks from your Blog2Social dashboard. This way, you save time that you can use for more creative tasks.

Blog2Social Content Planner

Flexible content planning in one comprehensive tool

Easily keep track of your content schedule with Blog2Social

Simple workflow

Edit, schedule, post – all from your dashboard

Diverse content

Share owned, user generated or curated content

Quick organization

Drag & drop your posts in the social media calendar

Your Blog2Social content planner: a must-have

Content mix without major effort

Content mix

Craft social media posts from your website content

Create and share social media posts from your website content or any other material, whether it’s blog posts, pages, products, and videos, or from texts, links, images, or RSS feeds – instantly on your social media platforms. Provide your community with the perfect content mix without much hassle.

Keep track of your content sources and share various types of content with just a few clicks using Blog2Social.

Image editor

Individual image formats for each social media platform

With the image editor, you can effortlessly tailor your images for each network. Whether square, portrait, or landscape – you decide which format and image you want to post on which social media channel.

Customize your image posts quickly and easily with Blog2Social.

Image editor
Individual post templates for your content planning

Post templates

Simplify your content planning with custom post templates

Use Blog2Social’s post templates to save even more time! Create custom templates for your posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, allowing you to automatically share your content across your networks. This way, you can craft tailored posts for each social media channel with minimal effort.

Social media calendar

Organize your social media calendar by drag & dropping your posts

Keep track of your schedule with Blog2Social’s social media calendar. Organize your posts effortlessly using drag and drop. Make corrections to individual posts. See which team member scheduled or published posts and when. Never lose sight – plan your content for days, weeks, or months in advance.

Dynamic content planning with our social media calendar

Your content on more than 20 social networks

Even more features for your social media management with Blog2Social

Social media management

Share text, images, videos, and more at the perfect time.

Social media automation

Streamline your social media tasks for efficiency.

Team management

Centralized management of all your scheduled posts, users, roles, and permissions.

Video posting

Schedule your videos in advance and publish them automatically

Green quote for customer review
Customer voices

Best Blog to Social Media Cross Posting Application EVER!

I absolutely love how I can push a post directly out to all of my social media platforms. Being able to push to Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter in one push has saved me so much time and frustration.




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