Efficient social media management

Social media management made easy with Blog2Social

Strategically schedule, personalize, and effortlessly share your posts across all your social media platforms. This boosts your reach while saving you valuable time. Take charge of your social media management effortlessly using Blog2Social as a WordPress plugin or web app.

Social media management tool by Blog2Social

Simplify, schedule, share – all in one place

Take full control of your social media management right from your Blog2Social dashboard

Easy workflow

Your posts on all your socials with one click

Effortless scheduling

Lay out your content with custom post templates

Keeping track

Never lose sight of your schedule with the social media calendar

Elevate your social media marketing to new heights

Easy crossposting for more time savings

Easy cross-posting

Share your posts on all of your networks with minimal effort

Share your posts across pages, groups, and profiles on more than 15 social media networks effortlessly with Blog2Social. It’s your go-to social media management tool for streamlined cross-posting. Take control of your social media marketing from a single hub and free up time for more creative endeavors.

Social media scheduling

Effortlessly schedule social media posts for the ideal time

Scheduling your social media content has never been this simple! Easily schedule your content with customizable post templates and let the Best Time Manager automatically share your posts on social media at the perfect moment.

Smart social media scheduling with your social media management tool.

Content planning for social media automation
Your drag-and-drop calendar for your social media management

Social media calendar

Your calendar for your social media management

Keep a constant eye on your social media plan with the social media calendar. This way you always have a clear overview of all scheduled posts for every channel. Use the straightforward drag-and-drop feature to seamlessly fill in any gaps.

Stay organized yet flexible with the social media calendar!

Effortless scheduling on more than 20 social networks

Save hours worth of time on your social media management with Blog2Social!

Social media automation

Streamline your social media tasks for efficiency.

Content planning

Stay on top of your content and plan ahead effectively.

Team management

Centralized management of all your scheduled posts, users, roles, and permissions

Video posting

Schedule your videos in advance and publish them automatically

What our customers are saying about us

My overall experience with Blog2Social is very good, I love all the features and for me it was very satisfying when I implemented this service on my websites, I congratulate them and recommend this service to everyone.

Aparecida on capterra.com

Blog2Social is the most elaborate social media plugin that I have tested so far. I purchased the premium license, and I can only recommend it.

Andreas Hecht from noupe.com

We have been using Blog2Social now for almost 3 months, and it is an absolute time saver. What used to take me hours to post manually across all our social media channels and groups happens now all in less than 15 minutes

@yevl01 on wordpress.org


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