Team management

Easy team management for teams of any size

Effortlessly organize users, clients, or entire teams. With user-based features, users can stay flexible, defining individual settings and network connections. This provides you with complete control over team management and user administration, ensuring everyone enjoys maximum flexibility.

Stay on top of all users and teams using the Blog2Social WordPress plugin or web app, all without compromising on seamless collaboration.

Easy team management with Blog2Social - social media automation

Personalized user management

Manage specific rights, roles, and access for each user and team member.

Easily assign rights

Assign individual rights to users and team members.

Flexible settings

Custom settings for every user and team member.

Seamless team work

View all posts in the social media calendar.

Organize all users and streamline collaboration with Blog2Social

User administration and team management

User administration

Assign rights and roles to all users easily and individually.

Effortlessly allocate license keys, social media accounts, network groupings, and autoposting settings to all users. Define the rights and access levels for each individual, streamlining collaboration with users, clients, and other team members.

This approach gives you complete control over your team management and user administration, ensuring everyone enjoys maximum flexibility.

Team management

Enjoy seamless team work

Easily handle your team with Blog2Social. Distribute access rights for social media channels or network groupings to your team members. Allow them to automatically share website content with the autoposting feature. With user-based team management, your team members maintain flexibility and can define and use their own settings.

Team management for your social media automation
The Blog2Social team calendar keeps you on track

Team calendar

Keep track of your social media planning

Stay on top of all your scheduled and published social media posts with the Team Calendar, whether you’re an individual user, part of a team, or managing the entire team. This tool allows you to collaboratively address any scheduling gaps and refine your content planning efforts as a team.

Enhance both your social media activities and user management using the Team Calendar feature.

Approval processes

Simplify feedback loops and approvals

Using the Blog2Social WebApp, you can easily review, comment on, and approve posts. This streamlines your approval processes and ensures seamless operations in your social media planning.

Enhance the workflow for yourself, your teams, and all team members with Blog2Social.

Simple approval processes for your team management

Share your content on more than 20 social media networks

Explore additional features of Blog2Social for an even better social media performance

Social media management

Share text, images, videos, and more at the perfect time.

AI Assistant

Your smart AI Assistant for optimizing social media content.

Social media automation

Streamline your social media tasks for efficiency.

Video posting

Schedule your videos in advance and publish them automatically

Content planning

Stay on top of your content and plan ahead effectively.

Green quote for customer review
Customer voices

Blog2Social makes my life easier!

I’ve been using Blog2Social for a couple of years. It was easy to set up and learn. It makes my life easier because I can post to my social media accounts with the stroke of a key. The support has been very good the few times I needed it.



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