Social media automation for Pinterest

Automate posting your pins with Blog2Social

Blog2Social is your go-to tool for social media automation for Pinterest! Whether you prefer it as a WordPress plugin or a standalone web app, it streamlines your daily social media planning. With our social media automation, you can precisely target your audience on Pinterest and enhance the visibility of your images and videos. Blog2Social transforms your Pinterest marketing, making it more efficient and flexible than ever before. Automate your pins, save time, and step into the future of social media marketing!

Social media automation for Pinterest

Social media management for Pinterest

Boost your pin count without the time crunch

Plan ahead

Blog2Social’s Best Time Manager automatically publishes your posts at the best times or at your custom time settings for Pinterest.

Customize your posts

Customize your Pinterest posts effortlessly in your Blog2Social dashboard or use our unique templates to design your posts.

Save time

Save time with Blog2Social by efficiently scheduling and automatically posting social media content on Pinterest.


This is how Pinterest works with Blog2Social

Build customer loyalty with timely updates

Connect your Pinterest account seamlessly with Blog2Social and enjoy effortless scheduling and publishing of your Pinterest posts.


Select or set up your pins

Share on Pinterest whatever you want – be it website content, RSS feeds, or your own posts with images, videos, texts, and shop products.


Create your perfect pin

Customize your content individually for each post on Pinterest or use customizable templates for the automatic design of your posts.


Share on Pinterest at the best time

Either use the recommended posting times suggested by Blog2Social or set your own time preferences for your Pinterest community.


Let Blog2Social manage your Pinterest feed

By simply clicking “Share” Blog2Social shares your content on Pinterest at the scheduled time.

Blog2Social - Social media automation for Pinterest
Automatically post at the best time on Pinterest with Blog2Social's Best Time Manager

The best time to post on Pinterest

Maximize visibility by posting at the right moment

Publishing your new pins at the right time is crucial for their success, ensuring you reach your audience effectively. Blog2Social not only recommends the best posting times for you but also allows you to save and reuse your personal optimal posting times.

Pinterest autoposting

More pins, less hassle

Save time! The test shows social media management is five times faster using Blog2Social than manual posting. Blog2Social autoposting takes your website content and turns it into posts, automatically sharing them on Pinterest. If you don’t have your own WordPress website, you can still take advantage of the Blog2Social WebApp.

Autopost new content to Pinterest with Blog2Social's social media automation
Centralized social media management with Blog2Social

Comprehensive social media management

Manage your socials from a single spot

Unlock the full potential of your Pinterest pins with Blog2Social! Effortlessly share your content across all your preferred social networks. Automate the distribution of your posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, and other bustling platforms. All of this, without any extra work on your part!

Share videos on Pinterest

Save time by posting your videos automatically

Automate sharing your videos on Pinterest with just a few clicks. Plan your videos days, weeks, or even months in advance, and Blog2Social will automatically post them at the right time—without any effort on your part.

Simplify your social media marketing with Blog2Social! Use its smart social media automation for Pinterest to reclaim valuable time for more important tasks!

Video publishing with social media automation for Pinterest by Blog2Social


Frequently asked questions about posting on Pinterest

Start automating your Pinterest social media management today!

Take advantage of a 30-day free trial with Blog2Social. There’s no automatic renewal – you get to decide which version suits your needs best after the trial period.

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