Browser-based web app for social media

Your browser: the central hub for your social media planning

Don’t have WordPress? Social media management is taking up too much of your time? Not anymore! With the web-based Blog2Social WebApp, you can take charge of your social media schedule independently. Coordinate your posts with your team, schedule them for the best times, and effortlessly share them across all your social media channels with just a few clicks. Share your content on 15+ platforms, covering profiles, pages, and groups.

Blog2Social WebApp - Your social media automation

Works best for…

browser-based working

A standalone, web-based solution for automating social media tasks

working in a team

Easy cooperation in a social media team with smooth approval processes

efficient scheduling

The social media calendar assists you in scheduling posts and filling in any gaps

saving time

Easily schedule your posts in seconds and free up more time for crafting creative content

Automated posting on social media straight from your browser

Say goodbye to toggling back and forth! With the Blog2Social WebApp you can easily manage all your social media activities in one place.


Schedule and publish on social media

Easily schedule, post, and share images, texts, links, and videos on social media using the Blog2Social WebApp.


One central dashboard

Maintain control over your entire social media presence from one central hub. Effortlessly share content across platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and numerous others.


Post when your audience is most active online

Use Blog2Social’s pre-set best times for each network to publish your content, or save your own time settings.


Automated feed management with Blog2Social

Easily share your content with a single click, and it will be automatically published across all your channels at the scheduled time or instantly.

Blog2Social WebApp-Dashboard

Discover your new favorite features



Automatically post to your social media channels the moment you publish fresh content on your website.


Roles & Permissions

Grant team members specific rights and roles to ensure you always have a clear overview.


Best Time Manager

Schedule your social media posts for the ideal times on each network. Let Blog2Social handle the posting for you.


Social media calendar

Stay organized with all your posts and seamlessly fill in post gaps using the social media calendar.


Team management

Collaborate flexibly with your team on social media posts by allocating rights and roles. Enhance the workflow with straightforward approval processes.


Single login

Sign in to your Blog2Social WebApp and effortlessly handle all your social media channels directly from your dashboard.

Save time on your social media management with the Blog2Social WebApp

Let Blog2Social handle your social media feeds, freeing up more time for productive tasks—or just to kick back and relax.

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