Social media automation for Facebook

Put your Facebook strategy on autopilot with Blog2Social

Unlock the power of social media automation for Facebook with Blog2Social. Optimize your day-to-day social media planning and share your website content on Facebook business pages and personal profiles. Explore smart social media automation and save time on your Facebook management. Get to know the new normal for social media efficiency and flexibility with Blog2Social.

Blog2Social: Social media automation for Facebook

Social media management for Facebook

More Facebook posts with less effort

Schedule your posts

Blog2Social’s Best Time Manager schedules your posts at peak engagement hours on Facebook or at your individual time settings.

Create posts automatically

Use Blog2Social’s post templates to create the ideal Facebook template for your future posts. Set it once, save time always.

Save time

Blog2Social schedules and publishes your posts automatically, making your Facebook management smoother than ever.


Efficient Facebook scheduling with Blog2Social

Plan ahead, then sit back and relax!

Discover smart social media automation for Facebook with Blog2Social:
Schedule all your posts and save yourself time for other essential tasks.


Connect Facebook with Blog2Social

Link all your Facebook profiles and pages with Blog2Social.


Select or create your Facebook content

Share website content, RSS feeds, or create new social media posts with images, videos, texts, and links to share on Facebook.


Design your Facebook posts

Customize your Facebook post or simply use your individual Facebook post templates.


Post at the best times on Facebook

Use the preset best times of Blog2Social’s Best Time Manager or save your own time settings to schedule your Facebook posts.


Delegate your Facebook feed to Blog2Social

Click on “share” and let Blog2Social do the rest for you.

Blog2Social - your smart social media automation for Facebook
Greater visibility on Facebook with smart social media management

The best time for Facebook posts

Maximize your visibility: post when your audience is active

Timing is crucial for the success of your Facebook posts. Blog2Social comes with recommended times to post on Facebook to ensure maximum visibility and reach. If you have your own custom best times, you can save and use them as well.

Facebook autoposting

More Facebook activity, less effort

Save time with Blog2Social’s smart social media automation for Facebook! Free yourself from tedious tasks by autoposting new content from your WordPress website automatically. This way your Facebook presence will always be up-to-date.

Facebook autoposting with Blog2Social for more Facebook posts in less time.
All social media networks in one central dashboard with Blog2Social

All-in-one social media management

All your social platforms in one place

Grow your reach beyond Facebook. Share your WordPress content across several other popular platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, and more – all in one workflow and from one place!

Share your videos on Facebook

Automatically post your videos to Facebook

Blog2Social’s smart social media automation for Facebook helps you post your videos quickly and easily. Schedule your videos days, weeks or months in advance and let Blog2Social do the rest. Save a bunch of time that you can use for other essential tasks – like creating more high-quality content for Facebook.

Share your videos on Facebook and grow your reach with maximum efficiency and minimal effort!

Easy video publishing on social media with Blog2Social


Frequently asked questions about posting on Facebook

Automate your Facebook social media management today!

Try Blog2Social 30 days for free. No automatic renewal – after the trial period, choose the version that best fits your needs.

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